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J/Boats: Better Sailboats for People Who Love Sailing.

The Trailerable Sailing Machine

The J/70 speedster is the new „baby J“ that is generating tremendous enthusiasm for a next-generation ramp-launchable keelboat.  J/70 introduces a new dimension of fun, fast sailing in a stable, easy to own boat that all of your friends and family can enjoy.  J/70’s 22-foot long waterline with high aspect, all carbon mast and boom provides spirited performance and stability that feels like a much larger boat upwind. Off-the-wind, J/70 will simply light-up the crew with a smile!  Set the masthead a-sail and plane away in moderate breezes. 

J/70 is on-track to take the world by storm in 2012.  Fleet discussions are underway  in over a dozen locations in America and Europe.  Contact your J/Dealer now for a demo sail in Newport, Rhode Island in late spring/ early summer.  Learn more about the J/70 concept here.  Find out why J/70 was chosen by New York Yacht Club for their NYYC Invitational US Qualifying Series in September 2012 and why J/70 has been generating a lot of buzz in the winter sailboat show circuits, from London to San Diego, Chicago to Paris, Dusseldorf to Gothenburg.

read more: www.jboats.com

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